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We know how to make tasty burgers, fries, and shakes. We start with simple, high-quality ingredients like Responsibly Raised® beef and hand-cut russet potatoes, then prepare them fresh, just for you. From toasty, locally baked buns to hand-spun shakes that begin with just five wholesome ingredients, our menu is a new spin on an old-school favorite. And we think you’ll find it…tasty.

Photo of chef Richard Blais

The tasty story

Tasty Made is the delicious combination of Chipotle’s commitment to exceptional ingredients and Chef Richard Blais’ culinary superpowers. We created it with one thing in mind: burgers, shakes, and fries (okay, maybe that’s three things).

But when you take on something as beloved as the ultimate American comfort food, it’s not enough to serve up something that just tastes better. It has to actually, you know, be better.

That’s why we start with top-notch ingredients like fresh produce and Responsibly Raised®, 100% American beef. Then, we prepare each order with a Top Chef’s precision.

The rest, as they say, is tasty.


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